With a distinctive short mane, Przewalski's horse is in a field of its own. Przewalski's horse is the only "wild" horse left on the planet. A rare breed, Przewalski's horse also lives under the aliases of Asian Wild Horse and Mongolian Wild Horse. Never successfully domesticated, many of these horses were displayed in zoos instead.

Przewalski's Horse

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Size:  10 × 5 × 8.5 cm (W/D/H)

This Horse became a collectible at the end of 2011, featured on the 2011 collector's poster on Schleich's website.

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Equus ferus

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Domesticated [do]

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Similar in stature to other horses, Przewalski's is stocky and fairly short, standing only about thirteen hands tall. Living in groups with a male at the head, these horses traverse their own range but are more protective of their mares in the wild.

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