Pegasus Rearing

The young Pegasus has just tested its glittery wings and is anxious for the next flight. Pegasus is a magnificent white stallion with wings. Surveying the land from high above, the Pegasus is ready for a new adventure.

Horses Edit

Rearing Horse: 70433 Edit

Size:  17 × 13.5 × 13.5 cm (W/D/H)

Just one more flap of his wings, then the flying horse lifts himself from the ground and soon disappears on the horizon with a glittering stripe. No being in all of Bayala flies as high and as fast as a Pegasus. And there is hardly any creature that is as noble and handsome. When you see him in the sky, he looks like a twinkling star. He has almost never before allowed an elf to ride him. Only the two chosen ones may ride on his back and get from one place to another with unimaginable speed.

Pegasus Standing

Standing Horse: 70423  Edit

Size:  7.5 × 15 × 10.5 cm (W/D/H)

In Bayala there are so many wonderful and rare creatures. The noblest animals in this world are winged horses. One moment they are grazing peacefully on the bank of the elf stream, the next instant they stretch out their powerful wings and vanish with a few beats of their wings on the horizon. Only truly select elves may ride along on their backs. Do you know such an elf?

Foal: 70422 Edit

Pegasus Foal
Size:  9 × 4 × 8 cm (W/D/H)

The Pegasus foal is still so small and delicate. Yet, just like his parents, he can climb way up in the sky with a few flaps of his wings and can already almost fly as high and fast as an adult flying horse. The little foal looks like a sparkling comet with a tail of stars in the sky and all the elves love the little creature from the bottom of their hearts.

This Foal was featured on the 2011 collector's posters, no longer available for purchase after 2012.

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