Palomino Stallion

Matching mane and tail, the Palomino's frame is covered in a honey-colored coat. Queen Isabella of Spain kept one hundred Palominos for herself. 

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Stallion: 13618 Edit

Size:  14 × 4 × 10.5 cm (W/D/H)

This Stallion became a collectible at the end of 2013, featured on the 2013 collector's poster on Schleich's website.

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Equus ferus

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Domesticated [do]

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Although considered more of a color or classification, Palominos are also part of a breed of horses. In Spain, Palominos shared the name the Golden Dorado. A combination of Arabic, Spanish, and Moorish ancestry, Palominos came to the United States when Queen Isabella sent a stallion to her viceroy in Mexico, named New Spain at that time. From Mexico to Texas, the spread continued until Palominos had also reached California. Today, Palominos serve a wide range of purposes, from ranching and riding to racing and rodeos, and are valued for their all-around talent.

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