Trained Horse

Trained horses are very peaceful and friendly animals. People learn to ride on their backs.

Horses Edit

Trained Horse: 13706 Edit

Size:  12.5 × 3 × 9 cm (W/D/H)

Only the friendliest and most easy-going horses are considered for the role of trained horses. After all, people learn to ride on them. Trained horses are the favourite of many children at the riding stables. They are often ridden for this reason. To prevent them from overexertion and injuries, they wear tendon boots on their legs. This Horse became a collectible in 2016, featured in the 2016 collector's poster on Schleich's website.

Eyela’s King Foal: 70527  Edit

Unicorn King's Foal

This Foal is new as of January 2016, and is still available.

Eyela’s king foal gleams in an unusual colour: blue. Eyela loves the little foal deeply – not because he matches her dress so well, but because he is playful and extremely cuddly. Eyela likes to dress him up in a little crown. Eyela’s unicorn foal has an unusual blue coat that makes him unique throughout all bayala. Eyela’s king foal lives in the princess’s garden. Whenever Feya visits with her puppy, the two little animals dash around like crazy. Sometimes, it makes Eyela get really worried about her rare flowers. The foal is already big enough to accompany the princess on her rides. He can gallop incredibly fast. After a while, when he gets tired, he flops down somewhere in the grass and sleeps like a baby. Then Eyela waits until the foal wakes up and accompanies him home, her heart bursting with love. The most unusual thing about the little foal is the colour of his coat, which is a dazzling blue. “A beautiful royal blue,” Eyela thinks. “And it goes wonderfully with my dress!” Sometimes, she dresses her rare foal up in a little crown. “It suits you brilliantly!” the elf princess enthuses.

Surah’s Feathered Foal: 70529 Edit

Pegasus Surah's Foal

This Foal is new as of January 2016, and is still available.

Surah’s feathered foal was a present from her best friend Nuray. When the beautiful creature stands in the stream to drink, all the colours in her coat are reflected on the flat surface of the water. Surah is proud of her new friend, and delighted to have her. The feathered foal wears exactly the same jewellery as her friend Surah. Surah was overcome with joy when Nuray, her friend, recently gave her a colourful feathered foal as a present. Surah was speechless when she saw the magical animal for the first time – her coat was exactly of the same colours as her own wings. She cuddled and stroked the feathered foal – and from that moment on, the two of them have been the closest of friends. Since then, the elf has taken her new best friend with her everywhere. Their favourite place is a flat area by the stream, where Surah sits on the bank and watches the colours of her feathered foal’s coat reflecting in the water. Surah is proud of her new friend, and delighted to have her.

Marween’s Striped Foal: 70530 Edit

Striped Foal

This Foal is new as of January 2016, and is still available.

Marween has taught her beautiful striped foal a few amazing tricks. “It’s amazing how talented you are!” the elf says happily, giving the foal a crunchy apply. Marween has put a golden ribbon on her striped foal. Marween found the striped foal during one of her adventures. The foal looked lonely and afraid, but she quickly came to trust the elf. When Marween took her home, the beautiful animal really began to flourish. She now races around Marween’s house every morning and accompanies the elf everywhere. She has even learned a few little tricks: she can walk a few steps on her hind legs, roll over several times or hop sideways. “It’s amazing how talented you are!” Marween says happily, giving the foal a crunchy apple.

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