Bashkir Curly Mare

The Bashkir Curly has a unique curly winter coat. It protects the horse from the icy temperatures in the Russian steppes.

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Mare: 13780 Edit

This Mare came out in 2015, and is still available.

Bashkir Curly Foal

Foal: 13781 Edit

This foal came out in 2015, and is still available.

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Equus ferus caballus

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The Bashkir Curly’s coat makes it especially suitable for people who are allergic to animal fur. The home of the Bashkir Curly is the Russian Bashkortostan. There, the thermometer can fall to icy -40 degrees in the winter. But it is well prepared to deal with the cold, because it has a dense, curly fur and two warm layers of fat. In the barren landscape there is still enough food even under a thick blanket of snow. The Bashkir Curly is famous not only for its robustness; it is also very good-natured and calm. In the USA it has a namesake: the American Bashkir Curly. Its coat is also anti-allergic, dries extremely quickly and smells like lamb's wool.

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