Ardennes Stallion

The Ardennes is a heavy draft horse that is very lively in spite of the massive body.

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Stallion: 13778 Edit

This stallion is still available.

Foal: 13779 Edit

This foal is still available.

Ardennes Foal

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Equus ferus caballus

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Ardennes horses can weigh between 800 and 1,000 kg. The Ardennes is one of the oldest cold-blooded animals and originates from the Ardennes - a wooded mountain range between Belgium, Luxembourg and France. It is a real powerhouse, but still quiet, durable and reliable. For this reason, in the Middle Ages the Ardennes were also popular as riding horses for knights to carry them effortlessly together with their heavy armour. Later, they were used by Napoleon as warhorses and pulled heavy guns through mud and snow. Even today, the Ardennes is popular for its ability to work in rough, hilly terrain.

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