Appaloosa Stallion

Appaloosas are typical western horses with striking fur speckles.

Horses Edit

Stallion: 13732 Edit

This stallion is still available.

Mare: 13731 Edit

This Mare is still available.

Appaloosa Mare

Foal: 13733 Edit

This Foal is still available.

Binomial name Edit

Equus ferus

Primary Habitat Edit


Appaloosa Foal

Biology Edit

Typical characteristics of Appaloos are their eyes with a white sclera and their leopard-spotted skin. Appaloosa is a horse breed that springs from the Spanish horse that was imported to North America in the 18th century. Almost every Appaloosa has a square physique which is typical for Western horses. This also includes a small head with big, awake eyes and a straight nose line. They have a strong back and are muscular altogether. That is why they are fast and agile. In particular their striking fur speckles are characteristic for this breed.

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